Discover the area by bicycle. Some of the best biking in northeast Michigan can be found along the shores of Grand Lake and Lake Huron in Presque Isle and the Thunder Bay River near Alpena, Michigan.

Bike miles of paved pathways or go off-road exploring – whether it’s a half hour trip or a day long outing right out of the Presque Isle Lodge – it is yours to enjoy. Get a meal at a local restaurant or store along the way or pack one to go. Trails can be found for all ages and any challenge.

Local shops in Rogers City and Alpena have rentals if you need equipment. Maps are available and guided tours can be arranged or explore the area freely on your own.

E. Grand Lake Road:

Five historical sites line this scenic route with vistas of Lake Huron and Grand Lake. This is great riding through rolling hills and woods. The historical sites along E. Grand Lake Road include the Presque Isle Lodge, Kauffman Homestead, Burnham’s Landing, the Old Presque Isle Light, and the New Presque Isle Light.
The community of Presque Isle is a key feature of the Huron Greenways. Originally a wood fuel stop for lake going passenger and freight steam ships, Presque Isle and the nearby Grand Lake community is today a center for recreation and tourism. Maritime historical sites in the area include the Old Presque Isle Light (1840), the New Presque Isle Light (1870) and the Presque Isle Range Light (1870). Each of these lights is surrounded by a public park and picnic area. Both lighthouses feature museums and public access to the towers. Public docking, launching, swimming and picnic facilities are available at the MDNR small boat harbor at Presque Isle Harbor, with a seasonal restaurant and convenience store nearby. In 1998, Presque Isle Township completed the first phase of a safety trail system along Grand Lake Road, which connects the community of Presque Isle on Grand Lake to the Presque Isle small boat harbor and lighthouse area. Future plans include safety trail links into nearby Thompson’s Harbor State Park.
Several other significant greenway sites lie at the southern end of Presque Isle Township. The Besser Natural Area includes a nature trail, and ruins of the historic Village of Bell, a lumbering era settlement. Existing foot trails lead from this site into the adjacent Rockport property, now in public ownership. In the Presque Isle Township section, Rockport features a number of sinkholes and significant dune/swale environments.

Huron Sunrise Trail:

A 25 minute drive north is Rogers City. The bike path begins in the city. Travel on a paved surface north along Lake Huron through wooded meadows over wooden bridges and water tributaries to Hoeft State Park and along sandy beaches.

Alpena Bi-Path:

Go south 18 minutes to the Wild Life Sanctuary located in Alpena. Park and hike the mile trail of the Sanctuary Island for great bird and wild life viewing before you begin your bike trip. Swans, ducks, otters and turtles are frequent visitors. Choose from 3 – 5 – 12 – 20 miles of paved surface along the scenic Thunder Bay River.